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“When I listen to ‘Beauty Intolerable,’ I am swept into foreign worlds that alter with each hearing.”

Berkshire Edge

“The music is just as rich and captivating as the texts that inspired it, and the splendid performances by this top-notch cast of artists are not a surprise.”

American Record Guide


descent return cover

“Performances by the husband-and-wife team of Ryan MacEvoy McCullough and soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon, who worked with both composers to realize this recording, are magnificent.”

Broad Street Review

“Once more McCullough’s control over all these technical and musical contrasts is superb.”

American Record Guide



“Relentless yet detail-oriented, McCullough implies phrases and syncopations within the torrent of notes.”


“… wacky but well-delivered.”

BBC Music Magazine 

“Wild stuff destined for the left leaning hall of fame, in addition to Zappa/Boulez fantasies, you can hear Leonard Bernstein taking ‘West Side Story’ through hell and so much more that you never imagined. Way out there, but with chops.”

Midwest Record

“… intrepid ears will be rewarded with Vines’s imaginative vision, with the fierce artistry of MacEvoy McCullough the icing on the cake.”

Winnepeg Free Press



“Within the second movement, a melodic idea germinates that is expanded upon in the parts that follow before culminating in ‘VIII. Vision Fulfilled,’ which finds the electronics wholly stripped away and McCullough ruminating solo in all his virtuosic glory for ten-plus minutes.”


“Ryan MacEvoy McCullough gives a fabulous performance. Highly recommended!”

Classical Modern Music



“The crystalline clarity of his technique serves him well in revealing Beethoven’s complex and yet witty contrapuntal architecture, first in the trio of the Alla Marcia and later the canonic and fugal excursions of the final movement.”

American Record Guide (July-Aug. 2012)

“Exceptional skill and precision combined with intelligence and sense of design… [slowing] for parts of reflection and very evocative Polish reverie.”

Józef Kanski in Polish music journal Ruch Muzyczny
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