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Review of Line Drawings in ClevelandClassical.com: “Relentless yet detail-oriented, McCullo[u]gh implies phrases and syncopations within the torrent of notes.”

Review in BBC Music Magazine: “… wacky but well-delivered.”

Review in Winnepeg Free Press: “… intrepid ears will be rewarded with Vines’s imaginative vision, with the fierce artistry of MacEvoy McCullough the icing on the cake.”


Review in Textura: “Within the second movement, a melodic idea germinates that is expanded upon in the parts that follow before culminating in “VIII. Vision Fulfilled,” which finds the electronics wholly stripped away and McCullough ruminating solo in all his virtuosic glory for ten-plus minutes.”

Review in Classical Modern Music: “Ryan MacEvoy McCullough gives a fabulous performance. Highly recommended!”